"When it comes to coaching, it all comes down to relationships and working with a coach who understands the heartbeat of their client and the bigger purpose to serve. Jeremy Patty embodies this in how he lives his life, how he serves and how he coaches. If YOU are ready for YOUR next level personally and professionally start a conversation with Jeremy today." Ben Newman, International Speaker, Author, and Performance Coach.
"I believe his combination of passion for business, purposefulness of helping people be the best version of themselves and his past experience with being a top advisor and Managing Director would make Jeremy Patty a phenomenal coaching asset for anyone wanting to transform their life. I haven’t worked with a better human being, who also brought high expectations and positive energy to his business, his organization and his life.” " Matt Plocher, Managing Partner of a Fortune 100 Insurance and Investment Firm.
"I have known Jeremy since he was 19 years old and have been amazed at the success he has experienced in life. His success has not been in just one area of life, but has been well rounded in all areas. Jeremy has played an integral role in many people's lives in helping them live a successful and "balanced" life personally, professionally, and spiritually. Jeremy's approach and techniques will insure your growth and success if you commit to working the "plan" he has used for himself and many others."Dan McNerney, Founder & Retired CEO of One of the Top Insurance Brokerage Firms in the Country.
"My experience with Jeremy has been that he is committed to helping men be all that God intends them to be. He is diligent, hard working, kind and humble. The long-term project we worked on together owed a significant part of its success to his strong commitment and hard work. I couldn't recommend him more highly."Jim Wilson, Partner with a Private Real Estate & Investment Firm based out of Atlanta.
"Jeremy Patty is a very thoughtful, highly competent leader and coach that many would benefit greatly from engaging with. His discipline, consistency and follow-through are rare…very rare."Alex Beilin, Chief Development Officer with a Fortune 100 Insurance and Investment Firm.
"I've had the pleasure of knowing Jeremy for 15 years now. He has always been a natural leader and passionate about what he's called to do. Most importantly, he's a servant to others and genuinely listens and cares. He is completely selfless as exemplified in his work with the marginalized and refugees in the U.S. He was very successful in the financial services industry so he knows the challenges that can come with growing your own practice and helping clients with their planning. Jeremy is a good man. He loves God and serving others. He has had a major impact on me and I'm positive he will for you too!"Bryan Hickey, CLU, ChFC, CFP Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual
"I met Jeremy in 2016, but immediately felt like I had known him all of my life. That is the way he makes you feel every time you meet and talk with him. I had found myself in uncharted territory trying to figure out how to juggle my construction business consulting job, personal life, and newly found faith. I was lost without understanding my direction and purpose. Jeremy's impressive professional experience integrated with how he genuinely cares and loves others made it a "slam dunk" in terms of coaching with him. If you are feeling stuck, lacking confidence, needing to take your project or career to the next level, or even just trying to find yourself in this crazy journey we call life; it would be wise to engage Jeremy."Karl Weber, Quality Risk Consultant with Top 400 ENR Construction Firms